Health, Safety, and Environment



We are an active member of ISN. Red Spade's management team is committed to providing safe, healthy working conditions by promoting a positive attitude toward safety within the organization.



We are an active member of the Trucking Safety Counsel of BC and we're in the middle of developing our safety plan to get our Certificate of Recognition. We are always developing better ways to do business!


Company Health & Safety

Beyond just PPE, we are always improving our equipment/policies/employees to be safer and healthier! Our equipment has additional lighting, reflective decals, and hi-vis paint for better visibility for both employees and the public safety. We go above and beyond to create a safe and healthy working environment for everyone that comes in contact with our operations.



We truly care about the environment we work in! We are are always looking for ways to improve our environmental footprint. We are able to move freight in bulk to limit the footprint we leave behind. Our efficiency plays a big part in our impact to the environment. We can move your freight in the most environmentally friendly way in the industry!